Situated in the West of the country, 147 km away from Kutaisi, Shovi is a balneological resort of Georgia, established in the Upper Racha in 1929. Located on 1600 meters over the sea level, the place is considered to be an Alpine resort. Caucasian peaks border Shovi from the North and Caucasus Ridge perimeters it from South, West and East. Shovi is famous for its forests that occupy over 25 thousand hectares. You will encounter oaks, cornels, hornbeams, fir-trees and pine-trees there as well as 16 springs of mineral waters, all of them distinguished with special consistence, mainly by the substitutes of calcium. The diseases including Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, Cholangitis, Gastrointestinal system disorders, Anaemia and others may be treated here


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